Everything is ready at the former Pakkhuis Dekker warehouse in Heiloo for a special event: you can see jackets carefully arranged on display mannequins, cleverly sewn ties in flashy and bright colors, tailored dresses arranged according to the geometry of the room. Warm light illuminates the rooms and a scent intoxicates the air.

What is happening is the first Dutch event of Virum Bespoke and we were there to continue our mission and welcome all those who wanted to participate.

Internationalize Bespoke and make our collection known

Since the beginning of our journey, in fact, the aim has been to internationalize Bespoke and export our artisan garments Made in Naples outside of Italy to make them known and appreciated even by those who do not have the opportunity. Holland responded in a surprising way to our call. More than 50 people attended the event filling the rooms of the former warehouse. And not only that… as is customary for us now, even leading representatives from the world of sport participated in the event-a former football star Frank de Boer was one of them.

The event was divided into two phases: first, the guests were prepared and served delicious dishes based on black truffles provided by the company Gugliucciello di Contursi Terme, another expression of Italian excellence; then the guests were able to participate in the trunk show organized by us.

Watch the video of the introduction of VIRUM in The Netherlands

Watch the pictures of the introduction of VIRUM in The Netherlands

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